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Reading Time: 2 minutes

E93: Leveraging Podcasting to Expand Your Network

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Tune in as we delve deep into the power of podcasting in expanding your network. Our host explicates on the unique opportunities that podcasting opens up, how it fosters meaningful dialogues with peers, and how you can leverage it for lateral and vertical network growth. Additionally, learn the importance of persistence in honing your podcast hosting skills for better audience engagement.

Key Points
• Podcasting opens up unique networking opportunities.
• Hosting a podcast helps you connect with peers on subject-specific talks.
• The better your podcast becomes, the larger your audience grows.
• Podcasting offers both vertical and horizontal network expansion.
• Persistence and skill development are key in successful podcasting.

Best Quotes
00:15 – 00:37
• “There are connections and opportunities through the podcasting experience that you don’t really get any other way. There are opportunities to dig deep into subject specific conversations with your peers and leverage connections and connected opportunities that, again, you can’t get any other way.”

00:40 – 00:52
• “When you have somebody on your your show, you’ll find that in many cases, they’re gonna have, they’re gonna know some of the same people, you know, and so that conversation gets pretty great.”

01:13 – 01:27
• “Effectively, the, the better your podcast is at collecting audience members, the more people want to be on it. So you’re going to not only be able to expand the network sort of laterally, you’re gonna be able to expand it vertically as well.”

01:27 – 01:36
• “That vertical expansion where you’re moving up, for lack of a better way to describe it up in the social hierarchy, is also an outrageously important thing to do.”

01:37 – 01:44
• “So when you’re sitting here working on your podcast and you’re on like episode 12 or whatever, and you’re like, oh, I’m not sure about this thing, stick with it.”

01:45 – 01:57
• “Keep going. Build your audience. And the way you’re gonna do that is continue to invest in podcasting as an experience and, and invest in pods casting as a marketing effort and grow your skills as a host.”

01:57 – 02:07
• “That skill growth is going to help you a, again, find better ways to engage your audience, grow that audience, and get that vertical and horizontal network expansion.”