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E190: Referrals and Transformation: A B2B Marketing Chat

Dive into the world of B2B marketing, where strategy meets social science. Join our guest, Julie Williamson, as she unveils the secrets behind effective leadership, channel partnerships, and the art of aligning teams. Get ready for insights that could transform your organization!

Here are a few topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Hard to Market Podcast.

  • Powerful marketing meets social science.
  • Referrals bridge client expectation gaps.
  • Targeting new leaders for growth opportunities.
  • Nurturing the channel partner ecosystem.
  • Aligning leaders for organizational change.
Connect with Julie Williamson, PhD:
Connect with our host, Brian Mattocks:
  • 21:28 – How do we get the leadership team to fully engage on the strategic goals, the transformation effort, the change that’s afoot in the organization so that they can accelerate and really drive that transformation as effectively as possible. That’s our sweet spot. We do a lot of other work too, but that’s where we really shine is if you feel like something is kind of gummed up or decisions aren’t getting made quickly enough or you’re not heading in the right direction, we can help organizations to align and deliver together.
  • 06:33 –  So just from a purely tactical perspective, if people are thinking about how do I get someone to be a referral for me, don’t ask for too much of their time. You don’t need it because that social proof happens very quickly. It happens within the first five or ten minutes that the person who is getting the referral is deciding whether or not they trust in this person and they trust that the information being shared is valid. So you don’t need an hour. So we look for that little slot of time that we can get with them to get the two of them together. And then we generally host the conversation, at least for the first few minutes to make introductions to say, you know, here’s the work that we did, here’s the work we’re thinking about doing, and connect the dots at that point. Sometimes it can be really helpful to drop off and let the two of them have a conversation just between them.
  • 09:34 – Because once people have the opportunity to work with us and, to hear what we have to say and also to see what it’s like to be in a meeting with us or be in an experience with us, then things actually move pretty quickly from a sales perspective. So the marketing process of getting someone through a referral conversation generally opens the door for us to get more into that experiential marketing.
  • 12:03 – I find prompts them to come back and want more, right? So again, it’s that idea of giving them something that’s really useful and tangible that they can put into play right away. And then they say, okay, I get it. I see the value of this. How can you help me build a strategy that will let me stand kind of apart and set apart this group? Or how can you help me with the growth strategies that we have in place that we need to accelerate?
  • 13:56 – And that’s where our channel partners really come into place into play. So we have the referral program that we do with clients where we ask them to give us introductions or to speak on our behalf. But the channel partner approach for us is proving to be really useful for getting us those inbound leads because they can listen for and start to pull in customers who feel like they’re in the right space. So that’s been really interesting for us to explore.

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