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E170: Engage or Die: Content That Converts

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In a world where likes don’t equal loyalty, learn how to create episodes that teach, entertain, and engage, ensuring your audience comes back for more. Balance humor with insight in an attention economy, and make every minute of your podcast a journey worth tuning into.

Key Points
• Balance is key in content creation
• Audience size vs conversion rate
• Content must entertain and educate
• Attention is a premium currency
• Adapt the content to the audience, not vice versa

Best Quotes
00:02 – 00:05 • “Context is king when it comes to a lot of this stuff.”
01:20 – 01:25 • “You have to earn the right to get to that next part of the story.”
02:35 – 02:44 • “It’s got to give, it’s gotta be communicated in a way that can solve the curiosity and engagement problems.”
02:49 • “Attention is at a premium, right? You are competing now with the, and, and probably always have been essentially the shiniest Object in the field of view.”
03:06 – 03:20 • “The better you can adapt to your audience and not demand your audience adapt to you, the better your content’s gonna be, and the more likely you are to take advantage of those eyes or ears.”