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E169: The Renewable Hook – Repeat Guests on Your Podcast

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Keep the network warm, and active. Learn how inviting guests back provides more insight and strengthens lost contacts. Find out why podcasting isn’t just a one-time deal, but a tool for nurturing ongoing connections. Get tips on rekindling ties by simply saying, “Hey, let’s get back on the podcast!”

Key Points
• Podcasts: A tool to access influential people
• Reinvite guests to renew connections
• Podcasts aid in continuous relationship building
• Use past episodes to onboard newcomers
• Podcasts create reciprocal curiosity

Best Quotes
00:00 – 00:07 • “In the past, we’ve talked about how podcasting is a hook to get access to those folks that you may not have been able to get access to before.”
00:08 – 00:13 • “Today, I wanna talk a little bit about the fact that that hook is renewable.”
00:21 – 00:31 • “You can invite someone to be on your podcast and, and then six months later, a year later, two years later, invite them to come back on.”
00:36 – 00:49 • “If you’ve got contacts in your contact sphere that have, you’ve lost touch with, or that you need to reestablish a meaningful connection, it’s a super easy thing to do.”
00:56 – 01:03 • “Using the hook in this way, using the hook that is being on a podcast, will again allow you to maintain and nurture those relationships.”
01:10 – 01:17 • “Hey, what’s new and different in your world? It’ll give you, again, all of the other good stuff we talk about when we talk about podcasting.”
01:33 – 01:37 • “You’re also gonna get the reciprocal question, Hey, you know, what’s new for you?”