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E150: The Art of Attracting Audience Action

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Dive into the mastery of marketing with a trial-and-error twist! We uncover how to spark engagement, interpret consumer cues, and refine content to hook your audience. Discover the secret to creating feedback loops that reel in results. It’s a blend of strategic angling and creative content crafting, all served up in our latest chat!

Key Points
• Engagement begins with “the ask.”
• Look for subtle signs of feedback.
• Audience response varies by content.
• Different funnel levels need distinct content.
• Use insights to drive value and engagement.

Best Quotes
00:02 – 00:08 • “we’re big fans of the trial and error model of successful marketing and relationship development.”
00:26 – 00:36 • “spend time understanding what those passive consumers of your content are really interested in.”
02:18 – 02:24 • “think about if you were trying to figure out how you might catch a certain type of fish.”
03:28 – 03:34 • “you might have different content that speaks to and generates different actions.”
03:48 – 04:01 • “Spend the time now using those little bits of information, that little bit of insight to figure out then from there where you can build stuff that’s gonna deliver the most value and drive the most engagement.”