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E121: Nurturing Your Guest Network: Strategies for Long-Term Growth

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In this episode, we explore the importance of building and maintaining relationships with guests on your podcast. Just like in the rest of your business life, nurturing these connections is crucial for long-term success. We discuss various strategies to engage with guests across different communication channels, ensuring valuable content and continuous support. Learn how to cultivate a strong guest network and keep the momentum of your podcast thriving, even during challenging times.

Key Points
• Your relationships with podcast guests are just as important as those in your business.
• Feedback, follow-up, and engagement are vital for nurturing relationships.
• Leverage existing communication channels, such as email or in-person meetings.
• Expand your network strategically and connect guests with valuable content.
• Maintain and nurture relationships to reap long-term benefits.
• Business changes can make it challenging to reconnect with past guests.
• Implement a Keep Alive program to offer ongoing value and sustain momentum.

Best Quotes
00:00 – 00:07 • “So your relationships with your guests on your podcasts are no different than the relationships that you have in the rest of your business life.”

01:02 – 01:12 • “Start to add channels where it makes sense and make sure that you are routing those folks appropriately and keeping in touch with them with valuable content.”

01:14 – 01:23 • “The network that you build here and the work that you invest will all go to waste if you don’t continue to maintain and nurture those relationships.”

01:23 – 01:35 • “It’s really tough to do because business changes, because the demands of, you know, on your time as a business owner or as a marketing manager are going to be very, very difficult.”

01:40 – 01:50 • “Those relationships that you invested in, you know, in the middle of a downturn or what have you, may be much harder to pick back up.”

01:52 – 02:03 • “Try and have a Keep Alive program built into those relationships so that you can continue to offer value and keep the momentum that you spend so much time and energy building through your podcast.”