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E120: Google Podcasts is Dead: What Does This Mean for Podcasters?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In the latest podcasting news, Google is discontinuing Google Casts in favor of YouTube Music, raising concerns for podcast lovers who prefer having separate platforms for music and podcasts. Apple is also following suit by incorporating Apple Music into the podcast app, resembling Spotify’s interface. As a podcast owner, it’s crucial to know where your audience is coming from and make adjustments accordingly. Although the shutdown is slated for 2024, it’s wise to start preparing for the migration. These changes may significantly impact the podcasting landscape as music and podcasts blend together, so B2B podcasters should prioritize directing listeners to their websites. Stay tuned for more updates on the Hard to Market podcast.

Key Points
• Google is replacing Google Casts with YouTube Music, raising concerns about mixing music and podcasts.
• Apple is integrating Apple Music with the podcast app, creating a more Spotify-like experience.
• Podcast owners must identify their audience’s primary platform to address any necessary changes.
• If a significant portion of your audience uses Google Podcasts, inform them of the upcoming shutdown and prepare for migration.
• B2B podcasters should focus on driving traffic to their websites, with podcast apps as a secondary option.
• The shutdown is set for 2024, but it remains uncertain how the blending of music and podcasts will affect the podcasting space.
• Stay updated with the latest news on the Hard to Market podcast.

Best Quotes
00:22 – 00:33 • “What if I don’t want to have my music and my podcast together? This isn’t one of those peanut butter and jelly conversations.”
00:52 – 00:56 • “Trying to make it a little bit more, look a little bit more like Spotify.” (11 characters)
02:11 – 02:22 • “It’s best practice to drive traffic in that direction, first and foremost, and then to the podcasting apps as a secondary opportunity.”