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E4: How to Reach New Clients and Grow Your Business with Fort Point IT’s Travis Woods

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This episode, I’m joined by the CEO of Fort Point IT Travis Woods, to discuss how startups and small growing companies can level up their development, and identify and convert new potential clients.

Travis Woods has been working in business development since 2007 and is CEO of Fort Point IT. He’s passionate about providing small businesses with IT solutions that support not just their technology, but also their vision and business objectives. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Podcast Led Growth:

  • How B2B service companies can level up their development.
  • How Fort Point helps startups and small growing companies.
  • Cybersecurity and the IT infrastructure that Fort Point helps manage.
  • Business development activities that Fort Point is investing in.
  • The tools Travis uses to identify and convert new potential clients.
  • The importance of constructing a buyer persona for your business.
  • Effective web strategies and how to improve your email campaigns.
  • Why timing is so important when approaching new prospects.


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  • 10:15 – “They really have the playbook on inbound marketing, and I think anyone who’s looking to get started, and looking to figure out what to do, and what’s going to work, that’s a great place to start.”
  • 14:23 – “One, you got to make sure you’re speaking to the right audience. Two you gotta make sure the message you’re saying to that audience is resonating.”
  • 17:03 – “Business owners either want to know how they’re saving money or making money.”