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E62: Which Platform is the Best for Digital Shorts (It’s Not TikTok!) with Podcast Chef’s Sean Boyce

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In this episode, the Founder of NxtStep Consulting Sean Boyce talks about the rise of digital shorts, how digital short performance differs across different platforms, and the best ways to use shorts to develop your business.

Sean Boyce has run his consultancy firm NxtStep Consulting for over 10 years but found he wasn’t able to grow his network effectively and efficiently through in-person marketing or lead generation services. To solve this Sean founded Podcast Chef, a full-service podcast management platform that helped him grow his network while making awesome content at the same time. Seeing the effectiveness of podcasting at reaching new people, Sean opened it up to others, helping people to start a podcast and delegating the management from post-production to booking guests. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:

  • The rise of digital shorts.
  • How digital short performance differs on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn.
  • The unique audience you can access on LinkedIn.
  • How audiences change on different platforms.
  • How to use shorts to develop business.
  • The importance of likes translating into subscribers.
  • Why it’s important to get subscribers.


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  • 04:30 – “There are places where it’s safe at work to hang out on social and LinkedIn is typically one of them most corporates don’t log LinkedIn which means you get access to some of those mid-market B2B spaces where you wouldn’t necessarily see them on Instagram in the day.”
  • 05:14 – “There are certain videos that perform really well on different platforms like for some reason Facebook has figured out that I like how-to videos so Ill sit there and watch people make furniture or remodel houses or whatever and Facebook gets it, I don’t see that content on any of the other platforms because I think I consume different stuff on different spaces and I think that’s an important part of the conversation.
  • 11:09- “Different content serves different purposes, so without that long-form content without that deeper dive you don’t drive subscribers so now the next natural question is why are subscribers important well it gives you the chance to regularly communicate with folks that are in your ideal target market so when we’re trying to grow subscribers it’s not just fake internet points or Shrute bucks or dogecoin it is quite literally to get people that you can communicate with on a regular basis which starts a relationship and in podcast core take on the way you sell in the modern market it is you do it through relationship development you do relationship-based selling.”
  • 12:35 – “How to leverage shorts, it’s if you’re going to make this a part of your everyday routine, you’re going to invest in it as part of your content marketing strategy the way he recommends doing it is interestingly enough very similar to basically the service we offer at Podcast Chef which was always good to hear because we’re always trying to innovate for our clients and it turns out other people think there’s value there too in terms of that strategy but it’s basically taking that longer form content, really focusing there and then chopping that longer form content up into shorter pieces of content to then promote that longer form content.”