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E97: Demystifying The Magic: Your Easy Guide to Starting A Podcast

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dive into the world of podcasting as the seasoned experts at Podcast Chef distill the complex art down to its essentials. This episode strips away the intimidation factor tied to starting a podcast, focusing on getting started rather than expensive equipment setups, and expressing why persistence trumps perfection.

Key Points
• The essentials to start podcasting are straightforward.
• Technology and equipment should not get in the way of starting a podcast.
• Consistency and evolution are key to a successful podcast.
• AI Tools and emerging technologies can resolve numerous equipment issues.
• A podcast can be an effective tool to impact your business positively.

Best Quotes
00:05 – 00:30
• “And to be honest with you, it’s not that hard. At least in the beginning. The things that you need to get started podcasting are pretty straightforward. You can usually do it with a laptop computer or you can do it with a phone. The other things that you might get into maybe a little bit later on are things like microphones, cameras, green screens, whatever.”

00:38 – 00:57
• “The important part of the podcasting process is to, a, get started, and b, keep going. The rest of the stuff, how you sound, how you look, all of the other things will improve over time, so you don’t need to try out of the gate.”

01:48 – 02:01
• “The podcast you end up with, and the podcast you start with are two very different things. And the podcast that you have now, and the podcast you’ll have a year from now and two years from now and on and on are all gonna be very different.”

02:05 – 02:23
• “Don’t let the equipment, don’t let the tech stack get in the way. Don’t worry about those kind of things because they’re all gonna be evolving. There’s AI tools right now that will help do noise canceling, noise reduction that will make up for a ton of equipment issues.”

02:23 – 02:38
• “There are other solutions for video background editing, making you look better, all that kind of stuff that are all kind of regularly emergent with new solutions. And if you wait for the ideal answer, you won’t get started.”

02:40 – 02:54
• “The long and short of it is get started sooner than later, and you’ll find that those files, whatever they are, you should be able to get them processed and turned into a reasonable podcast and start publishing.”

03:20 – 03:43
• “But if you’re looking for some deliberate help where you want perhaps a more faster jumpstart, hit our website, get our ebook. There are great suggestions in there on how you might best leverage the podcast that you’re trying to start to build your business or to build your referral network.”