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E88: Modernizing Healthcare: The Complexities and Innovations in Pharmacy Commerce Systems

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HTM - Jackie Brusch

In this episode, Jackie Brusch, the Senior Director of Marketing at Emporos, discusses her journey in combining writing, marketing, and a love for healthcare. She highlights the challenges of marketing pharmacy commerce systems and the importance of understanding different personas. Brusch emphasizes the collaboration between sales and marketing teams, the balance between thought leadership and sales enablement content, and the focus on improving the customer experience in the pharmacy space.

Jackie Brusch, the Senior Director of Marketing at Emporos, brings extensive expertise in pharmacy commerce systems and simplifying the process of delivering care as a modern-day pharmacy. With a proven track record in marketing leadership roles, including positions at OpenClinica and Mobiquity Inc., Jackie has consistently driven successful marketing initiatives and delivered meaningful results for leading healthcare and technology organizations. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Hard to Market: 

  • Content marketing as a way to modernize healthcare and bridge the gap between writing, marketing, and technology.
  • Focusing on pharmacy directors and IT professionals as the primary audiences for these systems.
  • Utilizing face-to-face networking and digital marketing to engage with potential clients and build relationships.
  • Integrating sales development reps (SDRs) under marketing to foster one-to-one relationships with leads.
  • Providing tools like comparison tools and checklists to help prospects navigate the buying process.
  • Emphasizing the importance of collaboration and communication between sales and marketing teams.
  • Addressing challenges faced by hospitals in the outpatient pharmacy space and offering solutions.


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  • 12:07 – “For us as a marketing team, we’re a very small organization, so the team is very small. And what we realized was we’re not having trouble generating leads, we’re having trouble with, okay, once we have a lead, how do we get them to a place where they’re warmed up enough to pass to sales? Mm. And what we’ve discovered was that we really needed that person that fell between marketing and sales to take that next step.”
  • 15:23 – “There’s definitely a thought leadership side that’s focused on the, the vision, right? Of where we want to go as a company, where we want to see our clients go as you know, pharmacies and, and where they’re going in terms of modernizing their pharmacy.”
  • 13:55 – “You’ve moved sales into marketing to help with those middle of the funnel conversations until you get to the transaction point. When you help your process prospects go through that process, there’s, there’s gotta be a blend, right? There’s some, some of the material gets very opinionated and some of it doesn’t, right? Some of it’s gotta stay fairly high level and educational. How do you strike that balance and then obviously with the teams there, how are you making sure that they’re getting the right tools for their job?”
  • 15:40 – “So how do you identify what you’re going to be providing in terms of enabling your teams to help folks move through the funnel and, and what sort of, what does that content look like in terms of how much of it’s educational versus how much of it’s opinionated?”
  • 17:43 – Jackie: “So there’s a middle ground there and I think finding out what that is and working together as a sales and marketing team to provide that thought, enabling content from top of funnel all the way down to very specific sales enablement content, that’s where we’re starting to really fill in those gaps so that everybody from the marketing side to the, all the way down to the sales side, down to like contracting and all that, that we have everything that spans that”… Brian: “Yeah. And I think it’s, I think it’s like one of the, that that decision to then roll those things together, you know, has to help with the gap analysis. It’s gotta make it a lot easier to figure out like, where are we stuck? What’s not working? By having those in the same area and in the same space.”