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E86: Tailwind: Revolutionizing Social Media Marketing with AI Advertising Services

Reading Time: 3 minutes

HTM - Susan Moeller

In this episode, Susan Moeller, the Director of Marketing at Tailwind, discusses how Tailwind provides small businesses with a marketing team at an affordable price through AI. Susan shares insights into their marketing strategies, highlighting the power of search advertising and leveraging Pinterest for word-of-mouth marketing. The episode also explores Tailwind’s latest offerings, including their AI-powered ad creation feature and the benefits of combining TikTok and Pinterest marketing.

Susan Moeller is a dynamic marketing professional known for her expertise in audience building through paid media, strategic partnerships, engaging content, and social media. As the Co-Founder of the Women In Content Marketing Facebook Group and the Creator of BuzzSumo Academy, Susan has a passion for empowering marketers and sharing her knowledge. With her role as the Director of Marketing at Tailwind and her experience as a webinar host, Susan is a problem solver who thrives on connecting with others to drive impactful marketing strategies. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Hard to Market:

  • Small businesses can offload their marketing tasks to Tailwind and focus on what they love.
  • Tailwind utilizes paid search and Pinterest marketing to reach its target audience.
  • The company focuses on word of mouth, reviews, and testimonials as key marketing channels.
  • TikTok has shown promising results for Tailwind with its low CPM and high engagement.
  • Users have reported a 525% increase in traffic and a 92% increase in sales using Tailwind ads.
  • Tailwind is favored by e-commerce store owners, service providers, bloggers, and agencies, especially those with a technical background.
  • Tailwind cuts through the clutter of ad managers and offers a more intuitive user interface.


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  • 13:48 – “I’m really happy because we’ve seen so much traction in those channels that Tailwind now has a part of our ghostwriter AI interface that will create search ads for you. It will create social ads for you, and we have a beta program that will manage your ads through our AI system. And that has gotten extremely great reviews in beta.”
  • 03:38 – “We provide a way for small businesses to not do their marketing by having them offload it to Tailwind. And our goal really is to make world cost marketing easy for everyone. So we don’t want to… we don’t want to just tell people what to do. We want to make it easy for them to get things done and be able to move on with the rest of their day.”
  • 24:20 – “I mean for as much as we’re a data driven, you know, in many ways what feels like a science, the relationships are really where all the magic is anyway, because you have to be able to do that translation.”
  • 10:49 –  “I mean, it’s a very peculiar uptick with TikTok. It’s almost like some folks go and they have this wild success, and then they’re almost fearful to continue, and they pull back, and it’s this back and forth.”
  • 16:12 – Brian: “There are a good number of your clients, no doubt, or at least ideal clients potentially, that don’t have a strong technical background. How are you from a, as a marketer getting in front of them, and what do you do to onboard them in a, a friendly way, I guess? You would see that Oh yeah, oh yeah, folks fall off in a month and a half because they just couldn’t get their head around the tech.”    Susan: “Right. Yeah, I know. It’s a very, it, it’s a very, it’s an interesting talent. Our, the customers that we see coming to us that stick with us the longest are e-commerce store owners and service providers, bloggers and agencies. So I would say that the people who stick with us longer are, are a little bit more on the, the technically savvy side of things.”