E74: Mastering the Art of Podcast Interviews

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In this episode, Sean and his guest discuss best practices for conducting successful podcast interviews, including the importance of asking open-ended questions and creating a comfortable environment for your guest. They also discuss the various roles an interviewer can take on during an interview and how to wrap up an episode effectively.

Key Points
• Don’t let one person dominate the conversation, emphasize your guest

• Be sure to ask open-ended questions that allow for thorough, yet concise, answers

• Create a comfortable environment for your guest to encourage the best performance

• Understand the different roles an interviewer can take on, such as voice of the listener or voice of the challenger

• End on a positive note, leaving your listener feeling glad they listened

Best Quotes
03:59 – 04:07
• “As people though, I think we are afraid in general of [silence] as it comes up. Like people are like, Hmm, I need to fill this silence with something.”

05:48 – 05:54
• “If they’re a nervous wreck, then they’re just gonna be too uncomfortable to produce great content and have a good conversation.”

13:03 – 13:06
• “Your listener’s supposed to walk outta listening to a podcast glad that they did.”