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E51: Expanding your Client Base through Digital Marketing with Vision Cue Media’s Keon George

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This episode, the CEO and Founder of Vision Cue Media Keon Georges talks about different techniques to expand your client base, the benefits and drawbacks of email marketing, and which sectors digital billboards are most effective in.

Keon Georges is the CEO and Founder of Vision Cue Media, a digital marketing, advertising, and media buying agency. After working in the military and civil service for over 20 years Keon transitioned to public life, starting his digital marketing agency that provides services for startups, small and medium-sized businesses. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:

  • Making the transition from a civil servant background to running your own practice.
  • The difference between working with military people and civilians.
  • What makes a ‘good’ client.
  • How to know if the clients you are serving are the right clients for you.
  • Ways to expand your client base.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of email marketing.
  • The sectors digital billboards are most effective in.


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  • 8:56 – “I focused on one particular niche that being the law niche working with lawyers and things of that nature so post covid and throughout covid that was the niche that I was working with to be honest although it’s very lucrative lawyers can be very demanding and can be difficult to deal with.”
  • 10:26 – “I’m not really closed into one particular niche because most of our services are in the advertising space tv radio digital billboards so that’s, for the most part, universal to many businesses.”
  • 13:23 – “The messaging is different from one industry to another so rather than as I mentioned earlier someone who’s wanting to advertise on TV for the most part any type of business can advertise on TV, radio, digital billboards so with email marketing it requires a lot more, a lot more work the messaging needs to be right, a lot more trial and error with that.”
  • 19:54 – “You definitely need to create a plan, stay consistent, understand that nothing’s going to happen overnight, and be willing to be open for constructive criticism understanding that yes although you’re the person in charge you have a vision and no one else can understand that just kind of be open to other entrepreneurs.”
  • 20:47 – “Understand that not everyone is on your team you have some people that they know you in a variety of different ways and they know what you’re capable of but they see that your putting yourself in a position to elevate to do better things to change your situation and sometimes that comes with jealousy hate whatever you want to call it so sometimes you have to be careful with who you share your vision and your business to.”
  • 21:26 – “Get out and network understanding that what works in one industry may not necessarily work in you’re industry but if you’re going to be the face of your business you need to get out there and be comfortable with being uncomfortable when people are looking for whatever services that you provide because you’ve done the footwork networking whether it be online, however, you’re going about doing it you want to be the one that I know this person this man or woman that’s helped me along the way or you’re an up and coming entrepreneur but you want to be the one they think of when they’re looking for that service or product that you offer.”