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E49: Building a Digital Presence that Targets the Right Niche Market with yorCMO’s Jay Gordman

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In this episode, the Co-Founder of yorCMO Jay Gordman talks about the importance of having a deep knowledge of your target market, ways to differentiate between different market segments, and how to build an effective digital presence.

Jay Gordman is the Co-Founder at yorCMOs where he helps companies across multiple industries grow revenue using a broad range of marketing strategies. Jay is a successful digital marketing and e-commerce professional with a deep understanding of the challenges companies face when trying to balance the diverse components of growing revenue through digital channels. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:

  • How to grow without advertising.
  • Indicators you don’t know your client well enough.
  • The difference knowing your client’s mindset makes.
  • Indicators a company is ready for high rates of growth.
  • The importance of a company’s digital presence.
  • How email should be properly used in outbound.
  • How to differentiate different market segments.
  • How specific your target market should be.


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  • 1:14 – “The number one recurring theme is they don’t understand their buyer as much as they think they do, they say they know but they really don’t and we dig in and start doing research and talking to buyers we understand their triggers much better, what triggers the need for their service or product, how do they go about finding information, how do they compare product, how do they compare like options and so it really helps shift not only potentially product or price strategy but also positioning and in many cases company’s are just not speaking to their target audience the way the audience is expecting to be talked to.”
  • 5:33 – “Trust the process and value the expertise and as we look at talking to clients and they really don’t seem to be bought in some cases we won’t work with those folks but when you take a step back and you have the right growth-minded CEO or Founder the reality is they just want to win so we don’t get a lot of resistance typically from those types of things.”
  • 9:29 – “You can never go wrong being found on Google, we have a client whose customers get their information, they’re in small markets so they get their information from small market peers, and state agencies, and state trade organizations and their first thing is not to go to Google but the reality is once they hear about this client and they go search you need to be found and you need to have a good digital landscape that people trust and build your brand.”
  • 13:45 – “I’ve seen a company literally have a target list of 30 to 40 customers and that was their focus and anyone outside of that group is literally not worth talking to, I would bet it’s closer to a 100 if they really scoured the world but it’s not very big and for them to do an account-based marketing approach where you take these 100 companies and you may have 4 or 5 people in those companies to send content to or have different conversations with it can be that small on an outbound side.”
  • 18:33 – “If you keep adding to the mix you’ll never execute what you’re doing well and then you’ll say oh that didn’t work, well was it the tactic or the execution. TikTok’s new it’s hot, the shorts on YouTube are new and hot but the reality is you can put them aside for 30 days and make sure that you’re continuing to stay focused and execute flawlessly.”