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E46: How to Build an Effective Referral Network with 1 Bold Step’s Adam Clarke

Reading Time: 3 minutes

This episode, the President of 1 Bold Step Adam Clarke talks about the different approaches there are to acquiring new clients, the huge value a referral network can have, and how to nurture your referral partnerships.

Adam Clarke is the President of 1 Bold Step where he provides marketing strategy and marketing operations support. Adam has over 15 years of experiance in marketing and has worked in Sales his entire career, with a focus of changing marketing from overhead to value add. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:

  • How membership-driven business models can inform marketing strategy.
  • Different approaches to acquiring clients.
  • How to track the different commitments you have.
  • How to nurture referral relationships.
  • The idea of paying for referrals.
  • When to refer prospects back out to other people.
  • Indicators that someone wants to scale.


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  • 1:02 – “In order to drive leads I had to put my marketing hat on and really started to read and learn and teach myself all about this marketing skill everything from digital demand gen to content writing to how you get there out there and really that’s when I said to myself I really should have a marketing role and not just a sales role and that introduced me into this journey where now here I am running this marketing agency.”
  • 9:36 – “Depending on what you’re doing and where your market fits, right now for us we don’t pay for referrals we haven’t needed to now we might buy a nice whisky and some beers but other than that it’s been reciprocal and I think that’s where you need to start from that referral and really working on your partnership relationships first is that connection.”
  • 11:41 – “I’ve done a little bit of research on referrals, and I think that reciprocal so one thing I’ve done a lot of reading on is that as long as you can benefit from it and the person your referring can benefit from it your referral program is going to be better.”
  • 15:42 – “They’re serious about revenue goals and you can easily tell by hey we’re going to scale at this percent or we want to hit this revenue number and they come to us and say in order to do so we’re going to invest in marketing dollars in sales dollars, so it’s two things in my mind of you want to have a revenue goal but you also know in order to meet that revenue goal your budget might need to increase from a marketing perspective and you need to do something differently.”
  • 17:47 – “Relationships matter, just because somebody says maybe a no now or that connection, there’s always a follow-up and that relationship that you need to build with that individual, I think the other and I mentioned this earlier is accountability, and if you’re not accountable for your own actions, how you find somebody that will help you be accountable and ask for that help, I think is really important don’t be worried about that.”
  • 18:32 – “Marketing is not a switch, people are like is marketing on or off, it’s not a switch it’s a dial and I think we’ve been talking a lot about that internally of marketing can be increased and decreased but it’s never an on-off switch and if it’s an on-off switch you’re thinking it the wrong way, so we hate it when somebody is like is marketing on? Yes, marketing should always be on.”