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E125: My podcast isn’t generating business what do I do?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This podcast episode focuses on the challenges faced by podcasters when their content doesn’t align with their business goals. Emphasizing the importance of perseverance, the hosts provide guidance on making strategic changes to improve the connection between podcasting and business objectives. They further discuss the significance of building relationships, growing the podcast over time, and attracting the right guests to gain traction with the audience. Additionally, they offer tips on finding one’s unique voice, creating better content, and avoiding common podcasting mistakes.

Key Points
• Don’t quit, even if your podcast isn’t generating business at first.
• Understand that progress and improvement in podcasting is a continuous journey.
• Set objectives and goals for your show that align with your desired outcomes.
• Evaluate if podcasting is the right fit for your business and make changes accordingly.
• Start by building relationships and getting your feet wet with podcasting.
• As your show grows, you’ll receive inbound requests from legitimate companies.
• Make podcasting sustainable by fitting it into your routine and continually managing it.

Best Quotes
02:36 – 02:41 • “There’s always a next level to your level of progression and that’s okay.”
12:26 – 12:37 • “The key is really, and this is the biggest mistake I think we see people make, even those that get near this point where they start seeing the results or building great relationships and all that kind of stuff is they stop.”
13:48 – 13:54 • “Make it sustainable, fit it into your routine, make it a process of something that you continually manage, make sure you’re getting value out of it.”
14:01 – 14:11 • “Get into a firm understanding that this is a lifestyle, that content creation becomes a way you approach the business broadly.”
14:32 – 14:39 • “If I learn something, there’s no reason for me to sit on that. I want to give it away as soon as I can, do as many people as possible.”