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E103: The Impact of Your Face: How Your Facial Expressions Influence Perception

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Discover how your face plays a significant role in communication and the perception of your podcast audience. Learn how managing your facial expressions can enhance engagement and improve the way people listen to you.

Key Points
• Your face is an essential aspect of your outward appearance and communicates your messaging faster than anything else.
• Psychological evidence suggests that the face you present to others has a profound impact on how they perceive your communication.
• Only 8% of communication is verbal, emphasizing the importance of your facial expressions.
• Starting conversations with a grumpy face sets a negative tone, while a bored expression can alienate podcast guests.
• Controlling your facial reactions during podcasting helps maintain engagement and connection with your audience.
• Making silly faces in the mirror is a valuable exercise to manage your facial expressions and improve reactions in videos or podcasts.
• Exploring and understanding your natural look in the mirror can reveal potential improvements in how people perceive you.

Best Quotes
00:32 – 00:40
• “The look you have on your face in any given day, in any given conversation is something that is picked up on people faster than a brand identity.”

00:54 – 01:04
• “There is a ton of psychological evidence that the face that you present to people makes a huge impact on how they perceive your messaging.”

02:33 – 02:40
• “Take a look at yourself in the mirror and see what you see. It is a worthwhile exercise.”