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E101: The Power of Podcasting: Unlocking Business Intelligence in the Digital Age

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In the digital age, podcasting has replaced water cooler conversations as a valuable tool for collecting business intelligence. By hosting a podcast, you can connect with industry peers, gain inside information, and build a strategic network. In this episode, discover the steps to get started and understand how podcasting can give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Key Points
• Podcasting is a powerful way to collect business intelligence in an open and accessible manner.
• Hosting a podcast allows you to connect with potential clients, expand your network, and gain valuable insights.
• Start by having conversations and recording them using platforms like Google Meet or Zoom.
• Utilize AI-based tools like Otter or Krisp to transcribe and record important information from your meetings.
• You don’t need fancy intros or music for your podcast – focus on fostering meaningful discussions.
• Podcasting gives you a competitive advantage by providing an opportunity to learn 10 times more than non-podcasting peers.
• Embrace podcasting as a growth process to become an authority in your industry and gain a broader perspective.

Best Quotes

01:00 – 01:08
• “After you get the hang of it, it is such a valuable and useful tool on so many fronts for your business.”

01:38 – 01:41
• “Start having conversations and don’t be afraid to push the record button.”

02:13 – N/A
• “Make sure you get an audio recording from those [conversations]. You can start the process of creating a podcast.”

02:24 – 02:34
• “What you really do need is a commitment to continue to have those conversations and to do so in a way that encourages folks to participate.”