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Reading Time: 2 minutes

E92: Surviving the Podcast Game: Evolution, Milestones and Persistence

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dive into this enlightening episode as we delve into the challenges of standing out in the bustling podcast landscape. You’ll learn from our host’s personal experiences about the evolution of a podcast, how to navigate critical transformation points often faced by podcasters, and the importance of resilience in this dynamic journey. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or a beginner host, this episode is packed with critical info!

Key Points
• Podcasting is a journey of evolution, solving problems, and expanding your horizons.

• The reasons for starting a podcast may differ from the reasons for continuing it.

• An inflection point at 3-6 months may urge you to question your podcast’s worth.

• The concept of ‘seasonal podcasting’ can help manage content gaps.

• Moments of doubt or fatigue are temporary, just like recording a bad episode.

Best Quotes
00:29 – 00:48
• “So the podcast you start with, and the podcast you have six months later, a year later, three years later, are not the same podcast. You will change as a host, you’ll evolve podcasting as a solution to some of your business problems will change and evolve and grow and expand.”

01:08 – 01:18
• “As you go through it, you’re gonna hit a couple major milestones, somewhere around a three to six month mark. You’re gonna be asking your questions, is it all worth it?”

01:51 – N/A
• “If I stop now, would the content I’ve already created still be valuable? If I continued, will I learn more about my clients, about my network partners, what have you?”

02:33 – 02:46
• “When you get there, the natural sort of questions that you would ask, should I continue? Should I change, should I pivot? I’ll tell you right now. Have that conversation again in a year.”

02:50 – 2:55
• “If you can’t, if it’s not doing it in a year, chances are you’re not gonna be able to profit from it afterwards if you’re not able to reconcile the effort versus the value it’s creating for your business.”

03:45 – 03:56
• “Because those moments of doubt or those moments of fatigue are just as momentary as any of the other episodes you’ve recorded.”

04:28 – 04:33
• “And the reality is these things take time. You want to give them time to mature.”