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E90: Mastering the Art of Interrupting as a Podcast Host

Learn essential techniques on how to interrupt guests effectively and redirect them to stay on track during podcast episodes. Interrupting strategically can save time, prevent irrelevant content, and ensure a captivating final product.

Key Points
• Interrupting guests can prevent them from monopolizing the entire showtime with irrelevant answers or excessive jargon.
• Skillful interruptions can be framed as a desire to clarify, understand impact, or delve deeper into a particular topic.
• Retargeting guest responses through interruptions can make the content more appropriate and engaging for the audience.
• Failure to interrupt may result in losing valuable time and a potentially unusable episode.
• Interrupting is a valuable skill that helps podcast hosts maintain control and facilitate the best content from their guests.

Best Quotes
01:05 – 01:11
• “Hey, I wanna stop you there because I think I don’t wanna lose a piece of what you just said, ’cause I think it’s really important.”

01:12 – 01:20
• “Hey, I want to stop you there and I want to get a little bit more clarity around what you’re talking about because our listeners may need a little more help following along.”

01:30 – 01:36
• “Hey, can you stop for a moment and I wanna understand what impact that had on you or your business or what have you.”

02:14 – 02:24
• “Interrupting is a valuable skill as a podcast host. It will help you save episodes and help guests bring their best knowledge and content to the table.”

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