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E82: AI in Podcasting: What Marketers Need to Know

In this episode, Brian Mattocks and Sean Boyce discuss the impact of AI on podcasting and marketing and share the latest trends in SEO and content creation. They emphasize the importance of relationship-based marketing and explore strategies for identifying keywords and creating compelling content. Additionally, they discuss how keyword research can benefit podcasting by providing guidance for topics and guest relationships and improving search rankings.
Sean Boyce has run his consultancy firm NxtStep Consulting for over 10 years but found he wasn’t able to grow his network effectively and efficiently through in-person marketing or lead generation services.
To solve this, Sean founded Podcast Chef, a full-service podcast management platform that helped him grow his network while making awesome content at the same time.
Seeing the effectiveness of podcasting at reaching new people, Sean opened it up to others, helping people to start a podcast and delegating the management from post-production to booking guests. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Hard to Market:
  • SEO is evolving, but creating organic content remains important, even if AI is used to present search results.
  • Keyword research is a critical part of content creation and is an area where AI tools can be helpful.
  • Keyword research can be used to produce better results with minimal changes, leading to exponential improvement.
  • Focus on relevant keywords to extract a variety of topics that will be relevant for the show.
  • The audio and video components are only one aspect of the podcast, other components like show notes and transcripts can also benefit from keyword-based approaches.
  • Understand one’s ideal customer profile before using keyword research tools to solve problems.
Connecting with Sean Boyce:
Connecting with Brian Mattocks:
  • 01:08 – I’ve spent about two weeks now studying whatever the latest is at the moment in terms of what’s happening with s e o search engine optimization. How is content being created and produced? What tools and resources are people using and even all the way to who’s creating it, is it still organic, human-written for the most part? Is it largely being AI generated.
  • 01:48 – New tools and resources are coming to market every day. And obviously, with what we do at Podcast Chef, we help people create organic content through podcasting. So you’re interviewing people, you’re asking questions. That’s almost exclusively done by people, at least for now. But in some of these other formats, some of that stuff is starting to change.
  • 14:34 –  I think it’s really important as well to understand that if you’re using your podcast well the, the audio and video components are only one aspect of the podcast, right? You have the show notes, you have the transcripts, these are all things that benefit from that keyword-based approach. You have then the articles that you can spin out a podcast and all of that.
  • 17:20 – But it is absolutely vital that if you have no idea who your ideal client profile is, you better figure that out. Or all of these tools actually get more dangerous. The risk of you using them incorrectly to solve your problem is outrageous.
  • 03:56 Brian: So how do you know people like us who are out there trying to get, you know, new clients and attract the right kind of folks, deal with the fact that search is changing now super quick, and what can we do to keep up?.. Sean: Great question and this is part of what I kind of set out to answer for us as we figure out how our process evolves. So long story short here, the abbreviation first I think is that basically don’t panic is my first suggestion because.. Brian: The Hitchhiker’s Guide will always save you, right?.. Sean: Yes. Like I’m having conversations with people, and they’re like, websites aren’t going to be a thing anymore. Writing content’s not going to be a thing anymore. I don’t really think any of that is true to a large extent. I think like anything else in technology, it’s going to evolve, right?

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