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E80: The Danger of Bad Outreach in B2B Services with NxtStep Consulting’s Sean Boyce

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In this episode, Founder of NxtStep Consulting, Sean Boyce, talks about how bad outreach in B2B services can negatively impact a company’s brand, the importance of relationship-based selling and offering value to potential clients, and the challenges of cold email marketing and the benefits of consultative selling.

Sean Boyce has run his consultancy firm NxtStep Consulting for over 10 years but found he wasn’t able to grow his network effectively and efficiently through in-person marketing or lead generation services.

To solve this, Sean founded Podcast Chef, a full-service podcast management platform that helped him grow his network while making awesome content at the same time.

Seeing the effectiveness of podcasting at reaching new people, Sean opened it up to others, helping people to start a podcast and delegating the management from post-production to booking guests. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Referral Radio:

  • How counterproductive and damaging bad outreach in B2B services is to a company’s brand.
  • The importance of nurturing relationships and offering value to potential clients.
  • Why aggressive sales tactics can decrease trust in a company’s services.
  • How to approach potential clients to successfully build relationships.
  • Why cold email marketing may not be effective for high-touch B2B services.


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  • 04:02 – “Some of the automation out there, whether it’s email or LinkedIn or whatever, right? You’re punching in variables, you’re grabbing a tiny email, whatever, and you’re just same type of approach, like spamming a bunch of people hoping to get meetings or sales or whatever, and you’re just not, then is that process really worth it? I don’t know it, that’s my take on it.”
  • 07:57 –  “The better approach is, like we say, approach them like they’re people, right? Like just how and approach them potentially, like you might like to be approached, right?  Do you want to know who these people are and what they do and how they do it before you decide whether or not to go in business together? More than likely many of us do, right?”
  • 09:14 – “So, you know, you raise an important point. So, let’s just as a hypothetical exercise, like imagine, imagine that it worked, right? Imagine you’re selling a $50,000 service offering and through a single LinkedIn request for some spam sort of manufacturing company, you go, and you accept, and they write that check as the business owner, are you going to trust it? That’s not what works. Like, it just doesn’t work that way. If you think it works that way, then you’re wrong.”
  • 04:26 – “It’s difficult because, you know, you’ll see folks out there saying like, you know, just try, it’s all gonna work out, right? You know, get your message out there and the right people hear it. But there’s a huge difference between getting your message out there and showing up… That whole model is really challenging. To your point on the other side of it, you don’t know that that’s broken until you try it.”