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E78: The Key to Successful Networking with Ashley Assists’ Ashley Owens

Reading Time: 3 minutes

This episode, Ashley Assists’ Networking Concierge, Ashley Owens, talks about the key aspects of social media marketing, how you should respond to different connections to grow your audience, and the main characteristics you need to be successful at networking. Ashley Owens is a Networking Concierge, where she works as a strategic partner to help create ideal networking situations and get people out of the wrong ones. Ashley has a background in personal and executive assistance to two celebrities in NYC, and brings a wealth of experience in the world of networking and customer service to the table. Over the years, she has honed her skills in business analytics and account management, and now as the owner of a thriving business. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Referral Radio:

  • The key aspects of social media marketing.
  • How to respond to lurkers on social media.
  • How to balance prospects and personal connections.
  • The main traits you need to be successful at networking.
  • Why setting achievable goals is so important.
  • How to network at hotel bars.


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  • 02:55 – “It’s not just about spewing out your marketing stuff, it’s about having conversations, and it’s easy as a lurker to view it the wrong way. As a passive participant in social media, it’s very easy to look at all the marketing and go, eh, this is a waste of my time and effort. But in the several interactions that you and I have had, and I’ve seen, over the past couple of years with you and the other folks that you’re working with, in many ways, eh, she taught me that it’s a lot more about having a conversation.”
  • 04:19 – “If you’re doing social media, I personally love to connect, to celebrate and to collaborate. So those are the three things that I do on every platform. If I’m connecting with somebody, I’m communicating with them directly. If I’m collaborating, I’m sharing their stuff, or we’re doing something together, or I’ve had the privilege of getting this opportunity from somebody else and then being able to say, thank you so much to this person who provided me with that opportunity.”
  • 10:53 – “That’s part of really the way sales has evolved, right? It’s now relationship-based selling, and the relationship’s gotta be legit. And it’s gotta be real. It can’t be fake because then you get into the whole I got sold a bill of goods, or I got fleeced. And that’s a horrible place for everybody.”
  • 12:35 – “You do not have to know business who runs businesses, people, people run businesses. So if you know people, you know business. And so if you know, that came directly from you. So I use that line all of the time. Thank you. So you’re welcome. And so to that point, you don’t need to know business, you need to know people. So learn emotional intelligence, understand your own personality type.”
  • 01:38 – “I speak at conferences on networking. I had a not suck at networking, and I had the pleasure and the privilege of also teaching at Temple University personal branding. So that is what I do. So I’m scooting around in different locations. I’ll be going to another conference tomorrow morning. So it’s the first couple days I’m in New Orleans. Tomorrow, I will be in Hollywood, California, and then I’ve got a couple weeks off, and then I get to go back on the circuit again. So yeah, it’s been a whirlwind, kinda a couple days.