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E64: From Professional Actor to Freelance Journalist to Digital Marketing Specialist with Alter New Media’s Nadya Rousseau

In this episode, the Founder and CEO of Alter New Media Nadya Rousseau talks about how she transitioned from freelance writer to marketing strategist, how scaling up affects the nature of work you take on, and how ChatGPT and AI is disrupting the marketing world.

Nadya Rousseau has worked with clients ranging from startups to nationally recognized law firms, nonprofits, entertainers, and more.
In late 2016, Nadya founded a purpose-forward marketing and media company, Alter New Media. The agency has its own influencer board, representing influencers worldwide.
Nadya also has a best-selling Instagram growth and management service, Instagram Rockstar, that, since its launch on the “Fiverr PRO” platform in late 2017, has serviced over 600 customers.
Her opinions on business, entrepreneurship, and marketing have been featured in Forbes, American Express Open Forum, Voyage LA, and Honeysuckle Magazine, and in 2022, Nadya was invited to join the Forbes Agency Council. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Consulting Trap:
  • How to transition from freelance writer to marketing strategist.
  • Building a team through Fiverr.
  • Creating an Instagram growth service.
  • How to evaluate if an opportunity is right for you.
  • How to know what work opportunities to decline.
  • How scaling up affects the nature of work you take on.
  • The benefits of providing productized services.
  • How ChatGPT and AI is disrupting marketing.
Connecting with Nadya Rousseau:
Connecting with the host:
  • 5:59 – “It was a time where a lot of bots services were gaining popularity obviously not the case anymore because the algorithm has caught up with those third party applications but I wasn’t using bots I was doing it all organic and so that service took off and that’s how I started getting a presence on the Fiverr marketplace out of thousands of sellers because I was one of the newbie pros and I was getting courted and supported and my presence grew.”
  • 10:57 – “There’s a lot of weird stuff and having been in LA for almost 14 years I have seen and dealt with it all I know I shouldn’t have said yes to a lot of things back in the day but there are stories I can tell my grandchildren.”
  • 18:24 – “I feel like a lot of people are freaking out about AI, I love it I feel like it is a tool for us to do more and be more efficient and be more creative because we have less time that would be spent on the tedious research stuff if we have tools like ChatGPT helping us out, I always tell people I’m talking to about this the research only goes as far as 2021 you’re not going to get the most newsworthy or contemporary outcomes but you can definitely use it to put together very straightforward SOPs or at least utilize that more as a template.”
  • 21:33 – “Give more than you desire to take back, being a giver and extending support to others goes so far and no don’t just do it for the sake of oh if I give I better get back you’re not always going to get back but it is a good thing to be out there doing Mitzvahs in the world and I’m of the strong belief that the more you do that yes the more the universe will recognize that.”
  • 22:04 – “Continue to self-educate all the time, you always want to be informed of the latest trends in your industry, the movers and shakers in your industry and just growing your own unique perspectives on these updates and changes, like you mention with AI you want to have your own unique spin of what’s happening with that, don’t just regurgitate other’s information AI will do that for you.”

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