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E187: Future Forward: AI & Blockchain Revolutionizing Marketing

Dive into the transformative world of AI, blockchain, and Web3 technologies with Zeev Wexler. Uncover how the future of marketing is being reshaped and learn the strategies that will keep you ahead in this fast-changing landscape. Get ready to be enlightened — and maybe a little entertained — about the dynamic digital future that’s already here! Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Hard to Market Podcast.
  • AI and blockchain are industry game changers.
  • Web3’s role in evolving the internet.
  • AI’s role in democratizing skills.
  • The creative use of AI sets marketers apart.
  • Investing in AI while valuing human insight.
Connect with Zeev Wexler:
Connect with our host, Brian Mattocks:
  • 01:46 – Zeev: When’s the last time you read a newspaper, Brian? Like a live actual, like a flip paper newspaper? Brian: Ooh. Oh, it’s easily been probably a year and a half. Zeev: Ooh, that’s way shorter than what I thought. So it’s probably been like 10 years for me since I actually flipped the newspaper. Why? Now I used to flip a newspaper every morning. That was my daily routine when I was growing at home. Why don’t we look through newspapers anymore? Brian: They’re inconvenient in pretty much every way. They’re wasteful, they’re horrible for the environment. The only reason I read a newspaper even a year and a half ago was because I wanted to buy one for a landmark event in my life. Zeev: That is awesome. But what is the one thing that happened that because of that, nobody uses newspapers anymore.
  • 11:48 – Brian: But I think what it really points out to me, and, you know, hearing you speak, is that, the people, the way you’re gonna really pursue meaningful market differentiation moving forward since everyone’s gonna have access to these super tools, is effectively the most creative person wins. The person who can use these tools in the most creative or novel way is gonna have everybody else chasing them because that seems to be, the reality of that environment. Now, disabuse me of that notion, if you would like, help me, help me understand how that’s true or not true. Zeev: It’s true to some extent, and it’s not true to some extent. So different companies have different needs. Sometimes we work with many companies that they cannot use like an Open AI, right? Okay, so Chat GPT the elephant in the room, everybody can go use Chat GPT for all kinds of things.
  • 19:26 – So between you and I, by 2030, your life is gonna be different. You’re gonna use AI for 95% of the things that you do, on a daily basis. It’s just what’s gonna happen. People don’t realize they use AI already. What is Alexa? What is Siri? You know, what are all these things? So the more, you know, I play with my kids with AI all the time.
  • 03:15 – Why would you open a bank account if by the age of 12 you can send Bitcoin to whoever you like? And with blockchain technology, you are actually a bank yourself. So I’m digressing a lot here, but what I’m trying to say is the world is changing underneath us.
  • 04:31 – You either take this on and become a 10x to the marketer that you were or you don’t, and somebody else will take your job, take your plate, take your client. We’re on a, it’s almost like I see people in our profession. If you don’t really go after AI, you are going to lose. I almost can guarantee it because everything is gonna change.

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