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E177: Stop marketing and start relating

Great marketing emphasizes meaningful relationships over mere transactions. Discover how becoming a beacon of care, rather than a loudspeaker for sale, can transform your business ethos and skyrocket customer loyalty. Tune in and let’s make marketing personal!

Key Points
• People-centric marketing focus
• Deepen and strengthen connections
• Shift from revenue to relationships
• Nurturing customer relationships
• Build a robust referral engine

Best Quotes
00:01 – 00:11 • “It’s super easy in the marketing conversation to forget that you are talking to people, that there are people at the other end of that message.”
00:18 – 00:25 • “And those people have challenges and problems and issues. And the more you remember that, the more you remember that you’re talking to real people.”
00:29 – 00:35 • “I think you’ll find that your marketing softens in a way, your connection deepens and strengthens.”
00:55 – 01:04 • “You become an agent of care as opposed to strictly speaking means for the owner to earn revenue.”
01:14 – 01:24 • “Whether or not you had one to start or you’re developing one now that developing that relationship and understanding the nature of that relationship.”
01:24 – 01:33 • “How do you nurture it from somebody who’s struggling with a challenge or an issue or something that they want to do all the way up through the solution you provide.”
01:37 – 01:46 • “That really is an architected conversation. It’s a relationship that the more you understand, the more you can relate to the people in it.”

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