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E143: Finding the Perfect Sales-to-Value Content Ratio

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Learn how to strike the right balance between providing value and promoting your products or services. Discover the importance of actionable steps in engaging your audience and how consistency across different platforms can enhance your content strategy.

Key Points
• Include self-promotion in your content, but keep it to a maximum of 20%.
• Provide value in every episode to keep your audience engaged.
• Offer small actionable tasks to help listeners or viewers further engage with your content.
• Don’t turn your episodes into constant sales pitches; your audience won’t stick around.
• Avoid relying solely on one platform for advertising; diversify your content distribution.
• Tailor your content mix to suit the preferences of your target audience across different channels.
• Strike a consistent balance between sales-focused content and valuable information.

Best Quotes
• “Don’t lose your podcast audience by focusing solely on sales on your website.”
• “Consistency in your sales-to-value ratio is essential within and across channels.”