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E137: The Power of Podcasts in Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel

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Discover how different types of podcasts can be strategically used at various stages of the marketing funnel. From top-of-funnel brand awareness to bottom-of-funnel decision-making, learn how to leverage podcast content for maximum impact.

Key Points
• Different types of podcasts cater to different stages of the marketing funnel.
• Bottom-of-funnel content helps listeners make informed decisions.
• Top-of-funnel content focuses on brand awareness and higher-level strategic discussions.
• Examples of bottom-of-funnel approaches include interviewing successful clients and highlighting product success stories.
• Middle and top-of-funnel content can involve inviting channel partners to discuss development and relationships.
• Educational episodes can showcase the industry perspective and the value of your product or service as a solution.
• Analyzing your podcast episodes with respect to the marketing funnel can reveal gaps and areas for improvement.

Best Quotes
00:54 • “A great bottom of funnel approach would be interviewing an existing client and talking about the product or solution and the success that they’ve had with it.”
02:27 • “You might find that spending a little bit more time creating content in that space yields more positive results for you moving forward.”
02:48 • “Flesh out your entire marketing funnel with podcast-related content and really maximize the results of your effort.”