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Reading Time: 2 minutes

E135: Helping Your Guests Tell Their Story

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Learn how to create engaging content by helping your guests tell their stories effectively. Discover effective interview techniques that make your podcast episodes more compelling and keep your audience hooked.

Key Points
• Stories tend to engage listeners, making it crucial to help your guests tell their story.
• Guests may not naturally include important or interesting parts of their journey, so ask targeted questions.
• Uncover valuable lessons by asking about wrong turns or options explored and abandoned.
• Identify opposition in the story by asking about opponents or obstacles faced.
• Understand the driving force behind your guest’s actions by exploring their motivations.
• As an interviewer, learn to spot the gaps in the conversation and draw out important elements.
• Improving your interview skills leads to stronger content and a better experience for guests.

Best Quotes
00:11 – 00:21 • “One of the best reasons for this, one of the reasons you want folks to tell a story is because stories tend to engage.”
01:39 – 01:50 • “Those kinds of questions are great to find out where perhaps mistakes were made that your listeners might learn from.”
01:54 – 02:08 • “Was there anyone who was trying to block what you were doing or get in the way? That gives you a sense of opposition that’ll help create… an opponent in the story.”
02:18 – 02:25 • “What created the sense of urgency that made you have to do this?”
02:45 – 0:255 • “Take the story from being simply telling you a chronological history of events and bring it to life in a way that makes a ton more sense.”
02:59 – 03:08 • “The more effective you get at this, the better your content’s going to be. By default, the stronger your guest experience is gonna be.”