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E130: Using your podcast to Level Up your sales team

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In order to create a successful podcast, it is crucial to involve your sales team in the process. By tapping into their valuable feedback and insights, you can leverage the content creation opportunity and optimize your sales process. This collaboration leads to faster conversion times, more informed clients, reduced costs, and valuable insights for product or service development.

Key Points
• Sales teams provide valuable feedback on client needs and preferences
• Frequently asked questions can be addressed through podcast episodes
• Creating video and audio responses to FAQs enhances client education
• Collaboration with sales teams leads to a faster sales cycle
• Involving sales teams reduces costs and offers financial incentives
• Client insights obtained through sales teams inform product or service development
• Strengthening the connection between sales and podcasting improves business development activities

Best Quotes
00:12 – 00:22 • “Your sales team is gonna have tremendous insight on how to best leverage the content creation opportunity that your podcast is.”
01:23 – 01:29 • “The content around your frequently asked questions should inform your product development process.”
01:36 – 01:42 • “Valuable insights coming from your clients in this way, or your prospects in this way.”
02:13 – 02:22 • “Make sure as you are building out your process, you have regular interactions with your sales team to dial that into your podcast.”
02:26 – 02:32 • “Strengthening those connections will have positive results on your business development activities moving forward.”