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E129: Real talk

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One trick for engaging your audience is to change your perspective by speaking directly to a specific person or imagining one while delivering your content. This helps you move away from abstract terms and communicate in a more relatable, helpful manner. By speaking to your ideal listener, you can avoid assuming they know more than they do and create stronger, compelling content for your podcast.

Key Points
• Change your perspective by imagining a specific person you’re addressing in your content.
• Speak as if you’re talking to someone right in front of the camera lens.
• Move away from abstracted communication and talk like a regular person helping another regular person.
• Imagining a family member or your ideal prospect can aid in creating relatable content.
• Avoid assuming your audience’s knowledge and steer clear of acronyms or abbreviations.
• Creating solo content for your podcast requires various techniques, but speaking to a specific person is key.
• It helps you create stronger and more compelling content throughout your podcasting journey.

Best Quotes
00:41 – 00:49 • “You can imagine that the person you’re talking to is right in the eye of that camera, in the lens of that camera.”
02:03 – 02:12 • “Imagining that you’re speaking to a specific person is a great way to create stronger and more compelling content as you go through your podcasting journey.”