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E128: 10x-100x returns via Podcasting for B2B Relationship Development

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Content creation, particularly through podcasting, is an effective strategy to build parasocial relationships with potential customers. These relationships allow for scalability and reach, making it an ideal method for connecting with a large audience. In addition to content marketing, podcasting also involves developing and managing relationships with guests, emphasizing the importance of social relationships in this business strategy.

Key Points
• Content creation helps build parasocial relationships, where one party creates content and the other forms an impression while consuming it.
• Podcasting and video podcasting are effective methods to build parasocial relationships and reach a wide audience.
• Content creation through podcasting offers scalability, reaching numerous people compared to traditional relationship development.
• Podcasting as a business strategy focuses on relationship development and management, including relationships with guests.
• Social relationship rules apply to guest management and relationship development in podcasting.
• Building social capital by offering extra content, information, and connections can benefit future collaborations.
• Leveraging podcasting relationships can be a valuable business development strategy.

Best Quotes
00:00 – 00:11 • “Content creation as a strategy works really well to help build a type of special type of relationship with folks that are out there that may be in the market for your product or service.”
01:24 – 01:32 • “With parasocial relationships, you can build a podcast episode and reach, you know, tens, hundreds, thousands of people.”
02:43 – 02:53 • “Start building that social capital by giving and offering a bunch of extra content, a bunch of extra information, connections in your network.”
03:02 – 03:09 • “Building these relationships are gonna be a great way for you to leverage your podcast or use your podcast as a business development strategy moving forward.”