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Reading Time: 2 minutes

E117: Buzzworthy Narratives: Bees, Humans, and Storytelling

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dive into the importance of storytelling in podcasting and how it can elevate your content. Learn how to incorporate storytelling techniques into your interviews and engage your audience with compelling narratives.

Key Points
• Storytelling is essential for sharing knowledge and lessons across generations.
• Design your podcasting process to include storytelling elements.
• Use evoking questions like “And then what happened?” to shape the story arc.
• Ask about the challenges faced during the learning process to add depth to the narrative.
• As a host, be open to hearing and helping flesh out the different parts of a guest’s story.
• Bees utilize dances to share information, just like humans use story patterns to engage listeners.
• Develop narratives with tension, problem, solution, and the journey in-between for impactful episodes.

Best Quotes
00:14 – 00:22 • “Human beings have been telling stories since they were a thing, and part of the reason they tell stories is to share learning.”
02:34 – 02:47 • “You need to be open to hearing the stories or the parts of a story that someone’s telling you and helping to flesh out the parts that they don’t through your questions during your podcast.”
03:04 – 03:13 • “Our stories as well have a similar sort of pattern and rhythm to the dance and there’s, it’s a super easy pattern and there’s beginning and middle and an end.”
03:14 – 03:23 • “You could argue that more than that, there is some tension, there is a problem that is created and then a solution that emerged.”
03:24 – 03:47 • “If you can get to problem and solution and then talk about the journey to get from the problem to that solution, you’ll find that your podcast episodes start to build their own narrative sort of context for you to then push against to tell stronger and more compelling stories and create better content as a result.”