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E115: The Key to Successful Podcasting: Starting Small

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When starting your own podcast, it’s important to have the right equipment in order to produce high-quality audio. While it can be tempting to invest in expensive equipment right away, it’s best to start small and gradually upgrade as your podcast grows. The most important piece of equipment to invest in initially is a good microphone, which can cost around $100 or less. This will provide clear and professional sound for your first 10 to 20 episodes. Additionally, considering factors like ambient noise and sound management in your recording space will further enhance the quality of your podcast.

Key Points
• Start small and simple when purchasing podcasting equipment.
• A good microphone is the most important initial purchase for clear and professional audio.
• Consider the ambient noise in your recording space and invest in tools to reduce it.
• USB microphones are suitable for most podcasters, while XLR microphones offer more control for professional setups.
• Sound management in the room, such as drapery and foam cushions, can improve audio quality.
• When filming video for your podcast, invest in a quality camera and lighting as well.
• Stay tuned for future episodes and YouTube videos for more tips on setting up and managing microphones.

Best Quotes
01:39 – 01:48 • “One of the best bits of news here is that there are tools you can use to either reduce the amount of noise that makes it through.”
02:49 – 02:57 • “After the microphone, your next step is going to be probably a little bit of sound management in the room you’re in.”
03:21 – 03:27 • “It all starts with a great microphone and how that gets, you know, plugged in, managed and used.”
03:28 – 03:36 • “We’ll be releasing more podcast episodes and more, particularly more on our YouTube channel about how to set up your mic.”
03:47 – 03:51 • “Stick with us and look for more microphone information in a future episode.”