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E113: The Importance of Human Elements in Marketing

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In the world of automated and impersonal marketing, it is crucial to remember that business is done with and for people. Incorporating human elements in marketing, such as emotional content and vulnerability, can greatly enhance connection and engagement. On the Hard to Market podcast, guests share their experiences and the three biggest lessons they learned from marketing challenges.

Key Points
• Business is always done with people, so marketing efforts should have a human element.
• Being open about mistakes and learnings creates vulnerability and fosters genuine connections.
• Podcasting provides an excellent platform to share knowledge and connect with the audience.
• Lessons in marketing often come from trial and error and experience.
• Increased vulnerability in marketing attracts and helps those who are going through vulnerable moments.
• Uncertainty in decision-making is a human experience that should be addressed through marketing.
• Marketing efforts should focus on helping individuals through vulnerable moments before, during, and after the sale.

Best Quotes
01:07 – 01:12 • “All of that should be embedded in your marketing in some capacity or another.”
02:26 – 02:33 • “Don’t be afraid to share those mistakes. Don’t be afraid to share that understanding with your audience.”