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E107: The Strengths and Weaknesses of Building in Public

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Building in public is a trend that involves sharing raw and unedited content as a way to create a genuine connection with the audience. This approach allows for trial and error, engagement, and a focus on the learning process. It contrasts with heavily curated and finished content. In the age of short-form content dominance, building in public drives engagement, builds communities, and can be adjusted later if needed.

Key Points
• Building in public means sharing raw and unedited content.
• The engagement and trial-and-error process is encouraged.
• Heavily curated content is like a finished product.
Short-form content is currently dominating the content market.
• Building in public drives engagement and builds community from the start.
• It allows for flexibility and adjustment as the business evolves.
• The focus shifts from just creating content to learning and growth.

Best Quotes
00:41 – 00:46
• “When you build in public, in many cases, the expectation is that it’s gonna be a little bit rough.”

04:19 – 04:25
• “The default here, the smartest thing you can do, particularly while you’re figuring it out, is build in public.”

04:55 – 04:59
• “It allows you to focus more on the learning process as opposed to the content process.”