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E106: The Changing Landscape of Podcasting: Exploring Computer Assisted Technologies

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Discover how computer assisted technologies are revolutionizing podcasting and improving audio quality. Explore the different levels of the technology stack, from initial signal processing to post-processing and graphic equalization. While these tools are valuable, the most essential tool for podcasting success is your own energy, enthusiasm, and discipline. Embrace the learning process and continue podcasting to reap the benefits of these tools.

Key Points
• Podcasting is evolving with the introduction of computer assisted technologies.
• Advanced audio processing tools enhance audio quality and remove noise.
• The technology stack includes signal processing, post-processing, and graphic equalization tools.
• Language learning models can optimize videos and create show notes.
• Energy, enthusiasm, and discipline are crucial for podcasting success.
• No amount of tools can replace the value of consistently creating and recording podcasts.
• The longer you podcast, the more you learn and improve your use of these tools.

Best Quotes
00:26 – 00:35
• “The audio processing tools out there are algorithmic. They’re not really artificial intelligence of any kind, but it’s in vogue to call them AI tools.”

02:25 – 02:33
• “There are [figuratively] tons and tons and tons of tools out there to help you improve and create better quality podcasts.”

02:35 – 02:43
• “The most important tool you have at your disposal is your energy, enthusiasm, and discipline to continue the process.”

02:44 – 02:57
• “No amount of audio processing tools are going to solve the problems of not podcasting enough, or not getting in front of the microphone and having a conversation.”

03:39 – 03:44
• “The longer you keep doing it, the more you learn. The more you learn, the better you can use the tools that are out there.”