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E105: Content Strategy: How to Make Your Existing Content Work Harder for You

In this episode, we delve into the importance of maximizing the impact of your content. From distribution to interlinking and refreshing, we explore strategies to ensure your content serves its purpose and drives your business goals. Learn how to leverage your existing content and connect it seamlessly for greater success.

Key Points
• Unpublished content is valueless – connect it to a mode of distribution to make an impact.
• Interlinking your content creates a web of relevancy that enhances its value.
• Meta conversations, such as show notes or articles, provide additional context and interconnectedness.
• Utilize content as a means to connect your audience with other relevant pieces of content.
• Offering different avenues for audience engagement is a smart move – don’t rely solely on one platform.
• Refreshing content doesn’t always require a complete overhaul – focus on updating meta tags and descriptions.
• Incorporating current trends and context can breathe new life into old content without starting from scratch.

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