Maximize the ROI of Your Channel Partnerships

Network more effectively with a podcast for your business


Your channel partnership ROI will be higher than ever.


Unlock consistent growth so you can scale effectively.


We manage the whole podcasting process for you.

Missed Opportunities

You know channel partnerships are a huge opportunity, but you haven’t quite figured out how to make it work consistently for your business.

Unlock REAL Growth

Effective channel partnerships can provide your business with growth opportunities at a whole new level of scale.

Let us demonstrate how to maximize your channel partnership ROI through podcasting

Why Invest in a Business Podcast

Offer REAL Value

Investing in a podcast for your business allows you to hand select the best channel partners.

Powerful Lead Magnet

As your podcast grows, channel partners are going to come to you Asking to be a guest on your show.

Why Us Instead Of Them


They do podcasting for everyone. We only work with B2B companies looking to maximize their channel partnership ROI.


They just want to get paid to manage a podcast. We ensure our services pay for themself by tracking your ACTUAL return.

“Before Podcast Chef, I was never able to develop a REAL channel partnership program, but now with the help of my podcast that they built and manage for me, I’ve been able to generate a 500% return on their services. It’s a no brainer.”

Scott Consulting Agency Owner

“We’re a marketing agency so we know how effective channel partnerships can be. However, building a program that works consistently escaped us before we decided to invest in business podcasting with the help of Podcast Chef. Our channel partnerships provide so much business that we dropped all of our other channels.”

Jeff Marketing Agency Founder

“I was skeptical at first because our development agency had never done any podcasting. However, the Podcast Chef team walked us through everything and now our show is crushing it. The ROI is honestly ridiculous. We’re crazy happy that we found Podcast Chef and made an investment in business podcasting.”

Alex Development Agency Owner

How It Works

We Design a Podcast around Your Channel Partnership Program

Step 1

Identify Ideal Channel Partnership Targets

Step 2

Book Your Calendar Solid with Ideal Channel Partners

Step 3

Record and Share Podcast Episodes to Boost the Channel

What We Manage For Your Business

We manage everything for your when it comes to your podcast

Partner Booking

We fill your calendar with ideal channel partners that are ready to record podcast episodes

Podcast Training

We train you on all things podcasting so you know how to manage an excellent podcast

ROI Tracking

We track your return on investment (ROI) on channel partner investment to ensure top performance

Professional Design

We design and build everything related to your podcast at the highest level of professionalism

Quick Turnaround

We are here for you 24/7 and will make any changes you want at anytime, right away


What if we don’t have any experience in podcasting?

Not a problem. We create rockstar podcast hosts on a regular basis. We specialize in coaching B2B companies on how to succeed in podcasting.

What if we already have a podcast?

Great! We’ll learn more about your channel partner to make sure your show is designed to maximize your ROI.

Are there limits on how many episodes we can produce?

Nope. It’s all-you-can-record around here. We’ll figure out how to strike the proper balance for your company so you can maintain the momentum.

What does all of this cost?

Less than half of what it would cost you to build your own team. Reach out to us to learn more.